Review Criteria

Selkirk’s Island  reviews movies, TV shows,  books, and anything else with even the most tenuous relevance to the overarching politico-apocalyptic theme of the site. Some reviews require more explanation than others, and this page is meant to guide  the reader through the tangle of our Haphazard Reviews


Entertainment Reviews and Rating System

Selkirk’s Island entertainment reviews are generally inflicted on television shows and movies with post-apocalyptic or survivalist content. The apocalypse, for our purposes, is an imagined reboot of the world as we know it. A good piece of work in this rarefied genre should fully embrace the opportunity to recreate the world from scratch. Decent acting, writing, and direction get bonus points.

Any TV show or movie that is reviewed will also be rated on the Selkirk’s Island system as follows:

Selkirk's Island Rating SystemFY! – Fuck Yeah!

FR. – Fucking Right.

OK. – OK.

WTF? – What the Fuck?

FFS. – For Fuck’s Sake.

FNFT! – Fuck No! Fuck That.

For the convenience of the casual reader, each rating will be accompanied with a score from one to six gold stars.


Other Reviews

Books, gear, and other sorts of reviews will be opportunistic and, for the most part, self-explanatory.