Juice S2 Vs. Juice KF4: What the Hell Is Leatherman Thinking?

Leatherman Juice S2 Vs. Juice KF4The Leatherman Juice is awesome because it’s exactly the right size for every day carry. There company has whipped up a total of five models, and discontinued the best one: the Juice KF4. I scrounged up a KF4 on E-bay from some dude in Florida (thanks, danpass), because I’d read the specs and thought it would be the best possible version of the Juice. It turned out that I was right.

The Juice S2 is a good EDC option. It measures 3.25 ” long when closed, and only ways 4.4 ounces, so if you work at an office or something and just can’t have a bunch of things clipped to your belt all day the S2 may work out. It’s got most of the basic tools that most people use: pliers, wire-cutter, phillips driver, regular drivers in 3 sizes, a good knife blade, bottle/can-opener, and very good scissors.

The KF4 is a hair thicker in the middle than the S2, and about an ounce heavier. Where tools are concerned, you lose the scissors and bottle/can-opener, but keep the rest. In addition, you get a ruler, an awl, a saw, an excellent file with a diamond surface on one side, and a sheepsfoot serrated blade.

These trade-offs suit me perfectly. I get that scissors are the best tool for a lot of cutting jobs, but I can pretty effectively use a sharp knife to do 99% of the things I would do with scissors. The saw and the awl, however, fill niches that will put undue stress on a pen knife and greatly expand the utility of the tool.

The file may be the clincher for me because it has 3 abrasive surfaces: one rough one for wood or metal, one on the edge for notching and cutting, and one diamond file that will put a quick edge on whatever other knife I happen to be carrying.

In order to get these specific tools in a currently available Juice model, you have to upgrade to the XE6, which is a lot thicker and weighs in at 6.7 ounces. That puts it in competition with the 6.9 ounce Blast and the 7.0 ounce Sidekick, both full-size tools that may offer more utility.

I should also note at this point, that every Juice model currently in production, with the exception of the S2, is inexplicably equipped with a corkscrew. I like wine, and I’m a traditionalist so I like my wine bottles to have real corks in them. No screw-offs here.

I know it’s crazy, but I tend not to drink wine while I’m hiking, or at work, or running around in the street. I open my wine at home, where I have a perfectly serviceable corkscrew in my silverware drawer. If you’re listening, Leatherman, take the damned corkscrews off of the damned multitools!

At this point I have replaced the Juice S2 with my used Juice KF4 in my EDC gear, and I’m quite happy with it. They should put this one back into production , or at least integrate a foil cutter into the next Juice model. .